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Welcome to Kayes Candy Carts

         Here at Kaye's Candy Carts we aim to provide quality traditional British confectionery in a way that maintains the health and safety of the people participating in your event whilst adding to the event atmosphere and enjoyment.

Because of the dangers associated with nut allergies we source our products from a supplier that has very tight controls of their production and packaging processes to guarantee zero nut contamination and we in turn carefully segregate and clearly label any nut products.

Sweet Handling: We always use disposaqble hygiene gloves when handling sweets for your cart and will leave a pack of gloves with each stand when our attendant is not required to allow the organiser to work in a hygenic manner when reorganising the sweets over the course of the event

Left Over Sweets: The leftover sweets on the candy cart are left and bagged at the event for your guests when a server is present. If the candy is left overnight then it will not be under our supervision and then any left on cart collection are thrown away. We NEVER on any occasion re-use sweets from a previous booking due to the risk of contamination.


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